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Welton Francks
• 8/8/2016

Nicholas de Lenfent

in Prince Lestat we are introduced to the ghosts of Former Vampires, Including Lestat's maker Magnus.  However, in Memnoch the Devil, Lestat goes to both Heaven and Hell, failing to find his lover Nicki.  Does that mean that Nicki is potentially a ghost we just haven't seen yet?  Any thoughts?  I'm writing a fanfic that approaches the "what if like Claudia, Nicki had unfinished business with Lestat so he also became a ghost?" subject.

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Welton Francks
• 5/15/2018
some characters with potential did not arise Eudoxia, Claudia and even Nicki believe that the author intends to bring them in the future, she almost brought Claudia from the dead in the book "Merrick" and another strange thing Merrick herself did not appear in this book and some fans said that she appears flying with Lestat and David in a scene from "Principe Lestat and the Realms atlantis"
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