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• 5/15/2018

Lestat and Rowan are still together?

Why does not she appear in principle Lestat?
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• 5/22/2018
Since Rowan wasn't even mentioned in the last 2 Prince Lestat books, I would say she's out of the picture.
• 6/11/2018
She is mentioned in passing, in Atlantis it is mentioned that she is present at Lestat's Home during a meeting of the Vampire Elders however it is not mentioned whether or not they are still an item as they are dealing with other issues during both Prince Lestat Books, we will see in October when the next book comes out whether or not he mentions her.
• 11/20/2018

Which books emphasize their romance or partnerships

• 12/14/2018

”Blood Canticle” if I am not mistaken

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