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Angels are celestial spirits who were created by God to worship and serve him in Heaven as well as to serve him as messengers to the human world. They were created before time and matter, making them the oldest race of beings in existence. Angels were explored in depth in Memnoch the Devil, in which the character Memnoch is a fallen rebel archangel who serves God as the ruler of Hell.



Angels were created out of nothingness by God specifically to worship and serve him. When God created the Earth, the angels spent most of their time admiring his new creation.

Memnoch the Devil[]

Angels were officially introduced into The Vampire Chronicles universe in Memnoch the Devil.


Angels are spiritual superhuman beings superior to humans in both power and intelligence. They are incorporeal, which means they have no physical presence or body and cannot be seen, heard, or felt by creatures with physical senses, nor can they directly interact with the physical world or objects. The only way for them to achieve physicality is to possess a human body (called a "host" or "vessel"), usually ones that they themselves create, as seen with Memnoch.

Angels possess the same emotions and desires that humans possess.

Powers & Abilities[]

Angels are perhaps the most powerful beings in the universe.

  • Immortality - Angels exist outside of time and death; unaffected adversely by its passing and do not have a lifespan. They are exempt from all forms of disease.
  • Creation - This power seems to be exclusive to archangels. Memnoch has the power to create physical matter, including living human bodies, out of nothingness.
  • Superhuman Strength - Angels are superhuman in their physical ability; able to achieve feats of physical strength that even the strongest of natural humans cannot. They are said to be more powerful than vampires in their strength.
  • Superhuman Speed - Angels can move faster than the human eye.
  • Invisibility - Angels cannot be perceived in any way by human senses.
  • Intangibility - As incorporeal beings existing outside of matter, angels can pass completely through solid matter with ease.
  • Possession - Angels can take control of human bodies.
  • Chronokinesis - Angels can travel to different points in time.
  • Teleportation - Angels exist outside of space and time.
  • Flight - Angels are not subject to gravity.