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Antoinette Brown is a recurring character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Interview with the Vampire. She is portrayed by Maura Grace Athari.

Antoinette was a blues singer who forged a relationship with Lestat, who in turn made her into a vampire.


An affair with Lestat[]

Antoinette arrived in New Orleans and landed a singing gig at the Azalea Hall, where she would forge a romantic relationship with Lestat, who brought her back to the Rue Royale, where before hooking up with Lestat, she revealed that the people of the Azalea often spoke about Louis and Lestat's odd relationship.[1]

Antoinette and Lestat were in bed together when Louis barged into her home and ordered her to give them a moment alone. She did so reluctantly and watched from outside the window as Louis and Lestat embraced. Unfortunately for Antoinette, one of the conditions for Lestat to be accepted back by Louis was for him to kill her. However, he instead helped Antoinette fake her death, though it did require cutting off one of her fingers, burning her home down, and hiding her away in a nearby hotel. Antoinette proposed that they go away to a big city for a better future, but Lestat claimed that New Orleans was the only city for him, much to Antoinette's disappointment. Stashed away at a run down hotel, she questioned how she was supposed to make a living, but Lestat wasn't concerned with her concerns, though he did assure her that his promises would be kept.[2]

Becoming a vampire[]

Antoinette was turned into a vampire by Lestat and tasked with following Louis and Claudia, who were plotting to kill him during the Mardi Gras ball. With this information, Antoinette and Lestat confronted the two of them. Lestat restrained Louis whilst Antoinette forced Claudia to drink from Mark MacPhail, who she had poisoned with laudanum and arsenic and attempted to trick Lestat into drinking from. However, it was Lestat who suddenly fell ill. In turn, Antoinette became distracted, allowing Claudia to gain the upper hand and stab her with a poker before burning her in the incinerator.[3]

Powers and abilities[]


After being turned into a vampire by Lestat, Antoinette gained all the powers associated with vampirism.


Antoinette was a talented singer.


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