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Baby Jenks was a fourteen year old runaway drug addict who was made a vampire by the Fang Gang leader, Killer, when she was dying from a back-alley abortion. 


"Baby Jenks pushed her Harley to seventy miles an hour, the wind freezing her naked white hands.  She'd been fourteen last summer when they'd done it to her, made her one of the Dead, and "dead weight" she was eighty-five pounds max.  She hadnt combed out her hair since it happened - didn't have to -  and her two little blond braids were swept back by the wind, off the shoulders of her black leather jacket.  Bent forward, scowling with her little pouting mouth turned down, she looked mean, and deceptively cute.  Her big blue eyes were vacant."


Baby Jenks and the Fang Gang, a nomadic group of biker vampires, were going to see the Vampire Lestat's rock concert together, but the gang temporarily disbanded so Baby Jenks could murder her religious mother and abusive father. Baby Jenks was worried when none of the gang showed up where they agreed to meet after she was done with her business, because she knew that the rest of the gang would not leave without her. Along with this fear, she was also disturbed by vivid dreams she was having about two redheaded twins and their life, but she had no idea what they were about.

Baby Jenks had heard about Vampire Coven Houses all around the United States burning down recently. She had been warned by the leader of the Fang Gang to never go near these houses, as the vampires in them would not be kind or friendly to her. She decided to go to the Coven House nearest her for answers, but found it burnt down. Inside was a single living vampire, spared from the fire, named Laurent, who was slightly older than she was when he was made. He tells her about Coven Houses all over Europe being burnt to the ground inexplicably by some unknown force. As they are about to leave on Baby Jenks's motorcycle, Laurent bursts into flame. Shortly after, Baby Jenks does too. As she's burning, she has visions of her mother which ultimately bring her peace as she's dying. Unbeknownst to these two vampires, Akasha had been the one to light them on fire.