Benjamin Mahmoud

Transfiguration Date 1997
Maker Marius de Romanus
Species Vampire
Status Alive

Benjamin Mahmoud, commonly referred to as Benji, is a vampire child who first appears in The Vampire Armand.  Benji was a Palestinian Bedouin boy stolen away by Sybelle's brother who charged him to protect her in his mortal life. In 1997, when he was twelve, he and Sybelle were made vampires by Marius de Romanus for Armand.  Marius gives the Dark Gift to Benji and Sybelle because he knew Armand was too afraid to do so himself.

Later "Benji" creates a podcast that is broadcast to all the vampires around the world. Later he is made the official voice of the vampires through his podcast by the Prince Lestat.

He resides at Trinity Gate in New York and sometimes at the Court of Prince Lestat in France.