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This article is about Carlotta Mayfair from the AMC adaptation. You may be looking for Carlotta Mayfair from the series of novels.

Carlotta Mayfair is a recurring character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Mayfair Witches. She is portrayed by Beth Grant.

Carlotta is Deirdre's controlling aunt.


Hiding Rowan[]

Carlotta scolds Deirdre for her relationship with Lasher and tells her to go to her room. Unbeknownst to Carlotta, Deirdre sneaks out to attend one of Cortland's parties. She doesn't make this discovery until the following morning and picks Deirdre up, only to discover that she's now pregnant. Nine months later, she goes into labor and delivers a baby girl, who Carlotta takes away and gives to Ellie to hide. Elena will no longer be a Mayfair and can never return to New Orleans. And most importantly, the baby can never know who she is. With the baby safe, Carlotta returns home, claiming that the baby died from a malformed heart.[1]

Before leaving for her guild meeting, Carlotta expresses her distrust in Dr. Lamb and tells Delphine to keep an eye on him when he arrives. Later that evening, to her surprise, Deirdre walks through the doors of the Pontchartrain hotel. Carlotta attempts to take her home, but Deirdre refuses to go, then revealing that she knows her daughter is alive.[2]


Carlotta gives Delphine the necklace

Following Deirdre's death in the elevator of the hotel, Carlotta introduces herself to Rowan as her great aunt and attempts to convince Rowan to return to the Mayfair house with her, but Rowan leaves with Ciprien instead. And so, Carlotta returns home alone, where she blames herself for failing the family before getting the idea from Millie to host a wake at the house to lure Rowan in. However, before the wake, they have to deal with Lasher, who Carlotta decides to bind to Delphine by drugging her drink and giving her Deirdre's necklace, which binds her to Lasher.[3]

Killing Rowan[]


Carlotta tries to kill Rowan

After discovering that Lasher killed Delphine and left with the necklace, Carlotta attends Deirdre's funeral, where she attempts to lure Rowan back to the house where the reception is being held. There, Carlotta shows Rowan photos of Ellie and claims that it was Deirdre's idea to send Rowan away in order to protect her. Later that evening, she gets into a fight with Cortland before inviting Rowan to stay for dinner. Unfortunately, whilst Carlotta is elsewhere, Rowan discovers the necklace and puts it on, establishing the connection between her and Lasher. Having lost all hope, Carlotta confesses that Deirdre was the bane of her existence from the moment she was born and the hours she spent praying for her were wasted. But Carlotta sends one last prayer to Deirdre whilst burning sage. Carlotta has also locked herself and Rowan in the dinning room and sets it on fire in an attempt to kill Rowan. When she hears Ciprien banging on the other end of the door, Carlotta grabs a knife and charges towards Rowan, accidentally stabbing Ciprien. As Rowan attempts to carry him out of the burning house, Lasher whispers in Carlotta's ear that Rowan is already his, and he then locks them all inside the house.[4]


Carlotta attempts to convince Rowan to kill herself

Carlotta is unconscious and left suspended in the air by Lasher, who wants Rowan to kill her, but she refuses. Instead, Rowan intends to call the police and let Carlotta explain what she did to Rowan, Ciprien, and Delphine to the proper authority. Until then, Rowan searches for a way out of the house that has been spelled shut. Carlotta claims that there's a way out and leads Rowan upstairs, where the windows are wide open. It's too far for her to jump, but Carlotta doesn't intend for Rowan to simply escape, she hopes Rowan will jump to her death. Carlotta claims that there's no happiness ahead for Rowan in this life, but there is in the next if Rowan chooses to kill herself. Rowan then realizes that Antha didn't simply kill herself and that Carlotta was with her, but Rowan refuses to die like her grandmother. Carlotta remarks that she should've killed Rowan when she was a baby. Enraged, Rowan uses her abilities to kill Carlotta, sending her over the rail and to the ground below.[5]


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