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Ciprien Grieve is a main character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Mayfair Witches. He is portrayed by Tongayi Chirisa.

Ciprien is the agent assigned to Rowan's case.


Protecting Rowan[]

Ciprien arrives at the old Mayfair house on First Street. He removes his glove and touches the fence before calling Elena and revealing that the man is still close by, suggesting that Rowan isn't in any danger. But time is running out for Elena, and she fears what will happen to Rowan when she dies. And so, Ciprien vows to protect her. However, shortly after, he discovers that Lasher is on the move.[1]


Ciprien watches Rowan

Ciprien breaks into Rowan's home and searches for clues, touching various objects, which allows him to see glimpses into the past, discovering that Rowan is suffering and that she has remarkable powers. He then follows her from the hospital parking lot, to the beach, where she buries the crows she accidentally killed. After taking a nap, Rowan prepares to leave, at which point she confronts Ciprien, who tries to gain her trust, but when she tries to leave, he grabs her hand, and she leaves him in an unresponsive state. By the time Ciprien awakens, he's in an ambulance and Rowan is gone with his phone. The following day, he calls her, explaining that he knows what she's capable of and is willing to help her control it.[2]

Finding Deirdre's killer[]


Ciprien touches Deirdre

Ciprien recovers Rowan from the hotel and brings her back to his safe house following the death of her biological mother Deirdre, who was murdered in an elevator. He explains that he was gathering information on Rowan on behalf of the Talamasca and that in his research, he learned that a mysterious being named Lasher is attached to her family. After getting Samir's blessing to keep Rowan at his place, which is protected against evil, Ciprien tells Rowan about his powers and how he used to walk past the old Mayfair house as a child. With Rowan safe so long as she remains in the apartment, Ciprien returns to the hotel, where he learns that someone has erased all memories from within the elevator. So he then heads over to the morgue, where he touches Deirdre's head, seeing her memories. Having learned all he can, Ciprie returns to the apartment, where he shares his findings with Rowan and offers to help her with her powers.[3]


Ciprien touches the suspect

Ciprien attends Deirdre's funeral alongside Rowan before convening with Samir and Albrecht, who managed to capture who they believe to be Deirdre's killer, though he is clearly suffering some kind of mental anguish. Ciprien touches him and confirms that he is indeed Deirdre's killer, but he was merely hired to do so. The killer is then Lasher by Lasher. Ciprien recalls how the elevator at the hotel was wiped off memories, meaning there's a supernatural component not being accounted for, but Albrecht doesn't seem too keen on investigating. And so, Ciprien continues looking into the Mayfairs, during which point, he discovers the Mayfair are connected to Laser through the necklace. With Rowan having sent him a photo of her wearing the very same necklace, Ciprien rushes over to the house, where Carlotta is attempting to kill Rowan but Ciprien intervenes and is stabbed in the process.[4]

Trapped in the Mayfair house[]

Ciprien and Rowan are placed in a thrall by Lasher, trapping them in a loop as Ciprien slowly dies from his stab wound. Every day, he and Rowan wake up in bed together and prepare breakfast. However, as his condition worsens, the two of them become cognizant and try to escape, but Lasher has spelled the doors shut. And so, Rowan attempts to tend to Ciprien's wounds herself, but she discovers that Ciprien is supernaturally inflicted as well, deciding then to make a deal with Lasher to willingly stay in exchange for Ciprien's freedom. After being sent home, Ciprien reaches out to Samir, who comes to his apartment with a healer named Arjuna, who tends to Ciprien's wounds whilst Odette secretly watches from the back room.[5]

Learning Lasher's origin to the Mayfairs[]

Ciprien takes the necklace to the Talamsca after realizing that it strengthens the connection between Lasher and Rowan. With Arjuna watching over him, Ciprien removes his gloves and touches the necklace in hopes of learning how the connection between it, Lasher, and the Mayfair family began. He is sent to the past, 1681, Donnelaith, Scotland, to be exact, where Suzanne Mayfair is being tried as a witch. After being stoned, she is locked in a cage by the witchfinder, who intends to drown her. However, as a last resort, Suzanne calls on the devil to save her. And he does just that. Lasher appears from the flames and knocks Ciprien unconscious before saving Suzanne from a certain death.[6]

Failing to save Rowan[]


Ciprien confronts Lasher

Ciprien awakens, still trapped in the memory from the necklace, with Arjuna informing him that the necklace is no longer with his body and that the only way out is the way he came in, with the necklace. And so, Ciprien goes searching for the witchfinder, but is instead found by Florie, who leads him to Suzanne at the cottage, where Lasher awaits. He reveals to Ciprien that Rowan is pregnant and that soon, he will join her as they are a part of each other. After Lasher leaves, Ciprien uses Henbane, as well as several other ingredients, to mix up a concoction that allows him to wake up. Now conscious, he goes searching for Rowan with the help of Albrecht, who Ciprien discovers is a part of it all and wants Rowan to reunite with Lasher in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy.[7]


Ciprien tries to save Rowan

Ciprien touches Albrecht without his gloves and discovers that he has the ability to erase memories, which he must've done with the hotel elevator where Deirdre was killed, a favor he was honoring at Cortland's behest. Just as Albrecht is about to erase his mind, Ciprien reveals that he's a part of the prophecy, as Rowan is having his child, meaning that Ciprien has to be with her in the end. And so, after being released, Ciprien goes searching for Cortland, at which point, he discovers that Cortland raped Deirdre so that Rowan would be born and then killed Deirdre years later so that Rowan would come into her power. With this information and help from JoJo, Ciprien learns that Lasher intends to embody his and Rowan's unborn child. Unfortunately, Ciprien is too late to stop it and arrives at the mausoleum as Rowan exits with the child, who was granted her great power, so much so that she nearly strikes Ciprien down with lightning and warns him to stay away after learning that he intends to take her child.[8]

Powers and abilities[]

Ciprien has the ability to see an object's past, though his abilities are activated through touch and require him to wear gloves most of the time.


Season 1[]