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This article is about Claudia from the AMC adaptation. You may be looking for Claudia from the novel or film.

Claudia is a main character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Interview with the Vampire. She is portrayed by Bailey Bass in the first season and Delainey Hayles from the second season onward.[2]

Claudia is a young vampire who was turned by Lestat after being rescued by Louis from a house fire.


Early life[]

Claudia was born in 1903, in New Orleans. Her mother died during childbirth, and her father gave her away to her aunt, who beat her for no apparent reason. That is, until she was severely injured in the house fire from which Claudia was rescued by Louis in 1917. She was merely 14 years old.[3]

Rescued by Louis[]

Chaos arose following Alderman Fenwick's death. During this time, Storyville was on the receiving end of attacks and vandalism. Businesses were torched and homes set ablaze. It was a tumultuous period filled with violence. Included in the house attacks was Claudia's own residence, whose unfortunate walls were engulfed with fire. She was trapped inside and rescued by Louis, cowering in the corner as the deadly flames neared her.[1]

Turned by Lestat[]


Claudia being turned into a vampire

Rescued from an inferno by whom she initially took to be two angels, Claudia realized she was actually in the presence of vampires - Louis and Lestat. Lestat drank from Claudia before allowing her to drink from his wrist. Immediately following her transition, Claudia began to experience all the heightened sensations that came with being an immortal. Her hunger was insatiable and led to Claudia attacking a law man on her first hunt, much to the disapproval of her adopted fathers. She quickly became acquainted with her new vampiric life as well as her new family. Claudia began referring to the pair as her “uncles.” She chronicled much of her experiences in her diaries. After getting a coffin of her own, Claudia joined Louis on a fishing trip out on the lake, where she inquired about Lestat and how love worked between two men.


Claudia killing Charlie

Following Louis' mother's wake and her and Lestat's vicious slaughter at Lover's Lane, Claudia received a new perspective on life given that she'd already been 18 years old for seven months. She decided to walk Liberty Street, where she crossed paths with a carriage driver named Charlie. Their budding romance ended tragically in the back of his car where, caught up in the exhiliration of young love, she lost control and drained him of all blood, killing him. Desperate, Claudia brought his body home and pleaded with her maker to save Charlie. Instead, Lestat forced her to burn the body in their incinerator and watch, teaching her a cruel but vital lesson: this was the reason vampires never got attached to mortals. Charlie's death resulted in a profound realization for Claudia: her body was eternally frozen in adolescence. As her mind and heart turned turned 19, 20, 25, 63, 358."[3], she'd never be anything more than the same "flat chested, hairless-crotched 14-year-old baby doll body."

Searching for vampires[]


Claudia outing Lestat's affair

After Charlie, Claudia began killing indiscriminately and in large numbers. Upon returning from her hunt one night, she was confronted by Louis and Lestat for her absent-minded killing. Claudia reluctantly admitted that she buried the bodies in Chalmette. Louis balked at this, noting that Chalmette was three feet below the river line, meaning the bodies would certainly be uncovered during the next storm. And so it was – soon after the discovery of the bodies the vampires' home was raided. Afterward, she was scolded and called a mistake by Lestat in a fit of rage, driving young Claudia to take off and explore the world on her own to search for a companion.


Claudia meets another vampire

Claudia was leaving a college campus library when she was confronted by a male student, who accused her of being a thief until a handsome vampire named Bruce came to her defense and offered her a ride. Later that night, set up around a fire meant to burn the body of their victim, Claudia and Bruce exchanged tales. The initially charming Bruce revealed that he'd been following Claudia, and when she attempted to leave, he broke her leg and sexually assaulted her. Ultimately, Claudia got away and returned to New Orleans where she reunited with Louis, who she wanted to bring with her on her journey across the world for other vampires. Angered, Lestat attacked Claudia, and Louis came to her defense. However, Louis was outmatched and nearly killed by Lestat.[4]

IWTV-SE1-E06-Promo-Like-Angels-Put-in-Hell-by God-08-Claudia

Claudia helping Louis

In the wake of Lestat's brutal attack, Claudia slowly nursed Louis back to health. Over the next six years, Lestat would shower them with gifts in hopes of forgiveness, all of which were refused. But after he sent Louis a heartfelt song he composed himself, they considered accepting Lestat back into the family. This, however, did not come without stipulations…such as killing Antoinette. Claudia also declared that he would no longer be her uncle or father, only her companion. Lestat agreed to their terms. Although they forgave him, neither could forgot what had been done. Nevertheless, they hunted as a family, during which point, they agreed to only hunt humans and Louis begged Claudia to give Lestat a chance. The mistakes of their past remained fresh in Claudia’s mind and she was doubtful his intentions were genuine. In spite of her well-founded concerns, Lestat did follow through with at least one promise by killing Antoinette, whose finger he gifted to Claudia as proof given her affinity for souvenirs. At least, it appeared as though he had fulfilled his obligation. But all was not as it initially seemed, for Lestat kept his own secret. Antoinette lived.

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Claudia saying goodbye

After learning that Lestat lied and that Antoinette was still alive, Claudia began devising an escape plan with a few destinations in mind, namely Prague, Bucharest, Varna, Silistra, and Ploiesti. All were ancient towns known for vampire inhabitants. When the night of her departure finally arrived, she begged Louis to join her, but Louis encouraged Claudia to go without him. She did so reluctantly, but not without embracing the vampire who had loved and protected her as his own fiercely, one last time. And so, Claudia, all by her lonesome, leaped aboard a train headed out of New Orleans, concealing herself in the luggage cart.

Despite her plan, Claudia was tracked down by Lestat. He forced her to return home, claiming that Louis needed them both by his side. Later, whilst playing another game of chess with Lestat, Claudia telepathically revealed to Louis her plans to kill Lestat and rid them of his devious narcissism. Not only did Claudia want to kill him, she suspected that Louis wanted to kill him too. Realizing that Claudia had nearly won, he encouraged her to finish the game, but she simply got up from her seat and headed upstairs, infuriating Lestat. Sweeping around, he knocked over the chess pieces and sent them flying in a moment of rage.[5]

Killing Lestat[]


Claudia buying laudanum and arsenic

With Lestat insisting they be together at all times, Claudia and Louis were forced to plot telepathically, though she shared few details with her counterpart, reasoning that she did not want Lestat to learn of their plotting. For the time being, all she needed from Louis was to keep Lestat distracted whilst she tried to convince him to throw a Mardi Gras ball as one last hurrah before leaving New Orleans, where they had overstayed their welcome. On the night of the ball, Claudia and Louis plucked a few select individuals from the party to come back with them to the Rue Royale for a final feast, including the Macphail brothers, one of whom Claudia had poisoned with laudanum and arsenic for Lestat to feed from, leaving him in a weakened state.


Claudia killing the chief

However, Lestat was well aware of their plan as he had been working with Antoinette, who he turned into a vampire. Whilst Lestat retrained Louis, Antoinette forced Claudia to drink from the Macphail brother, though it was Lestat who suddenly fell ill and dropped to the ground. After stabbing Antoinette with a poker, Claudia explained how not only was she aware that Antoinette had been watching them but that she also poisoned Tom Anderson with the laudanum and arsenic, who Lestat had drank from moments earlier. After Louis slit his throat, Claudia dabbed the tip of her pen in his blood and wrote in a journal Lestat's final words: "Mets-moi dans mon cercueil, Louis, Louis," which translated to "Put me in my coffin, Louis, Louis." After burning the bodies of the dead, all that remained was Lestat, who Claudia sought to burn as well, but Louis refused. So instead they put him in a trunk and left him out with the garbage before getting in their car and driving away, heading for a boat with sails set for Europe.[6]

The search for old world vampires[]


Claudia offers her blood to Daciana

Claudia and Louis travel Europe during WWII in search of old world vampires. She's only known few in her lifetime and is hoping to meet more like-minded individuals. Still upset with Louis regarding Lestat, she's grown to resent him and says very few words throughout their journey. Upon their arrival in Romania, Claudia sneaks out into the woods, where she crosses paths with a decaying vampire. She holds the light up on the vampire and attempts to prove to it that she herself is a vampire by feeding from a nearby soldier. This angers the decaying vampire, who it turns its attention to Claudia, knocking her to the ground and dragging away the soldier she had been feeding on moments earlier. Claudia recovers and informs Louis of her latest encounter. So they head back into the woods together, where the second encounter goes worse than the first, as Louis is attacked by a vampire named Daciana. When the decaying vampire turns its sights on Louis as well, Claudia rips its eyes out, forcing Daciana to kill her own child as he will not be able to hunt without his vision. Claudia and Louis then follow Daciana home, where Claudia asks her a series of questions about other vampires and offer to bring her back to America with them. However, Daciana kills herself instead, throwing herself into a fire. With Claudia devastated, they leave Romania for Paris, where he tells Claudia that to stop feeling sorry for herself and that she's enough for him.[7]

Joining the coven[]

Claudia is miserable in Paris, but doesn't share her feeling with Louis in fear of robbing him of his happiness. She instead goes dress shopping to lift her spirits. Later, Claudia is thrilled when she learns from Louis that he was not only approached by other vampires, but that they were invited to attend the show at Theatre Des Vampires, where Claudia is absolutely encapsulated. Despite learning that they were co-founded by Lestat, Claudia would go on to attend a month of shows, leading to her and Louis being invited along for a hunt.[8]


Claudia's ceremony

Claudia and Louis rehearse their backstory and exactly how they met their maker, Bruce. She then heads over to the theater, where she now works backstage on the production. Sam shows her how they dispose of the bodes after each show, as it will be her job moving forward. Claudia takes notice of the burial vaults, where they keep deceased coven members. Mostly heretics and lawbreakers. She later he asks Santigo how he gets his victims to accept death and inquires about his maker. After the show, Armand gifts her a flea circus as a reminder of her humble beginning and asks her to join them, an offer that she gleefully accepts. Santiago reads Claudia in with the Five Laws, and then they surprise her with a new play has been written for her and the ladies, title My Baby Loves Window. Much to Claudia's dismay, she will be playing a little girl for the next 50 years.[9]

Befriending Madeleine[]


Claudia invites Madeleine to her show

Claudia is confronted by Armand for her lack luster performance. Having performed as Baby Lu for the 500th time, she's grown tired of the role. However, in an attempt to help her recover her passion, Armand says that Claudia will no longer remove her costume. She will live with the character off-stage until she returns to Claudio on stage. While passing put flyer to her next show, Claudia approaches the alleged Nazi shop owner, Madeleine, who previously sold her a dress. Claudia explains that she now works at the Theatre Des Vampire and hands her a flyer. To Claudia's surprise, Madeleine attends her next show and compliments her French afterward. Claudia offers her a ride home, where they grow closer as Claudia explains her headspace and Madeleine shares how she became an outcast. Unfortunately, Claudia leaves abruptly after being accosted by Armand for slacking on her chores and befriending a human. Should this behavior persists, he threatens to out her for killing her maker, Lestat.[10]


Claudia wants Madeleine to be her companion

Claudia saves Madeleine from being attacked in her home by her own neighbors. She kills all three intruders, and in doing so, outs herself as a vampire, though Madeleine adapts fairly quick to the new world she's found herself in, even willing to become a vampire herself so that she may be at Claudia's side as her companion. Claudia shares her desires with Louis in hopes he can convince Armand to turn Madeleine, as she doesn't want her to be tainted by Lestat's blood. However, when Armand refuses, Claudia is forced to settle with Louis turning Madeleine. After she transitions, Claudia and Madeleine briefly leave the city, though they return to say goodbye to Louis and Armand. Unfortunately, they've walked into a trap and are taken back to the theater by the coven, where they will stand trial for attempting to kill Lestat.[11]

Trial at Théâtre des Vampires[]


Claudia and Madeleine prepare to die

Claudia, Louis, and Madeleine are taken back to the theater and tortured. Claudia specifically is placed in the metal container with rats before being taken to the stage to stand trial for their crimes. To her surprise, Lestat is alive. Claudia tries to explain that Lestat and Antionette were trying to kill them, but they have her diaries on display, in which she describes the alleged premeditation of Lestat's death. After Lestat apologizes for breaking Louis, Claudia confronts him. She admits to poisoning him but says that he's not dead and that she should be able to cry and apologize like him to make everything better. The coven proceeds to exert their power on Claudia to regain order. When Madeleine is given the choice to join the coven, she instead sticks by Claudia's side, and so, she is found guilty and sentenced to death alongside Claudia, who asks for a final request. She looks to the audience members and says that she knows all of their faces, and if there is an afterlife, she promises to come back and kill all of them. And if there isn't an afterlife, she's still going to find a way. Unlike Claudia and Madeleine, Louis is banished rather than being sentenced to death. After he is taken away, Claudia and Madeleine are burned alive together, in each other's arms. Madeleine turns to ashes first, shortly followed by Claudia, but before she dies, Claudia smiles and begins singing to her executioners.[12]

Powers and abilities[]

After being turned by Lestat, Claudia gained all of the traits and abilities associated with being a vampire; such as immortality, superhuman strength and speed, heightened senses, the ability to read minds and an overwhelming bloodlust. Despite her physical age, Claudia is considerably stronger and faster than adult humans, however she seems to be at a disadvantage to more physically mature vampires. As noted by Lestat, due to her physical age when made, her larger appetite and stronger bloodlust is the result of her now permanently fast metabolism as an eternal teenager.[3]


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