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This article is about Deirdre Mayfair from the AMC adaptation. You may be looking for Deirdre Mayfair from the series of novels.

Deirdre Mayfair is a recurring character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Mayfair Witches. She is portrayed by Annabeth Gish.

Deirdre was Rowan's biological mother.


Losing her daughter[]

After being scolded by her aunt Carlotta and being encouraged to sneak out by Lasher, whose always been around her entire life, Deirdre attends her uncle Cortland's party. There, she meets a young man named Patrick, and they have sex, only for Deirdre to discover that Patrick died the following morning. Shortly after, she discovers that she's pregnant. Unsuccessful in getting Father Duffy to help her escape the house, Deirdre attempts to kill herself by jumping off the balcony, but Lasher saves her. He then reveals that he's a shape-shifting demon and that the necklace Deirdre wears belonged to her mother, and it's what keeps Deirdre and Lasher bound. Having accepted Lasher of her own free will, Deirdre then goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl, who is taken away by Carlotta. More than 20 years later, Deirdre is still at the old Mayfair house, but in an unresponsive state.[1]


Deirdre escapes the house

Still trapped in the dark place, Lasher tells Deirdre that she needs to wake up and take control, but first, he reminds Deirdre of her time in the hospital, where they treated her with electroshock. She couldn't even remember her name, but she found him using the words her mother taught her. Lasher tells her to remember those words before he's gone. Deirdre then awakens to the sight of Dr. Lamb, who tells her that he has a lawyer who specializes in familial situations. That night, once she's alone, Deirdre places her necklace around her neck and Lasher appears. Together, they plan their reunion with Rowan and then have sex.

The following day, once Carlotta leaves, Deirdre goes to her uncle Cortland, who offers her clean clothes and shelter. There, she performs a spell, connecting her and Lasher, thus allowing them to track Rowan down to the Pontchartrain hotel, where she is briefly confronted by Carlotta before getting on the elevator. However, by the time she reaches the 10th floor and the doors open, Deirdre's head is nearly decapitated from her body.[2]

In the wake of her death, Deirdre's body is taken to the morgue, where Ciprien poses as a med student in order to gain access to the morgue, where he takes photos of Deirdre's body before removing his glove to touch Deirdre's head, seeing her memories.[3]

Deirdre's funeral is held at a church, and all of her family is in attendance. Cortland arrives at the funeral, where he tucks a handkerchief into Deirdre's collar before snipping off a lock of her hair. After the funeral, she is buried in the Mayfair crypt.[4]

As Rowan searches for a way out of her psychological, she crosses paths with Deirdre, who is sitting in a chair and her watch reads 12:00, also known as the witching hour. She tells Rowan that Lasher is coming and that the witching hour is upon them for Lasher to be embodied. When Rowan asks where is he, Deirdre touches Rowan's stomach and says that Lasher is with her already and that she's the doorway for him, revealing that through sex, Lasher entered the body of her and Ciprien's child. Darkness then fills the surrounding room, leaving Rowan blind.[5]


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