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This article is about Ellie Mayfair from the AMC adaptation. You may be looking for Ellie Mayfair from the series of novels.

Ellie Mayfair is a recurring character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Mayfair Witches. She is portrayed by Erica Gimpel.

Ellie is Rowan's adoptive mother and protector. After Rowan was born, Ellie was tasked with keeping her safe. And so, Ellie changed her name to Elena Fielding and fled New Orleans.


Ellie has changed her name to Elena Fielding and has spent the last two decades protecting Rowan. However, she doesn't have much time left; not only has her cancer returned, but Rowan is claiming to have hurt people with her mind, which Ellie insist isn't true, but once she's alone, she pulls a card with a symbol on it and asks to speak with the person who is assigned to her daughter's file, that being Ciprien Grieve, to whom Elena leaves a message, saying that her daughter has harmed someone with her mind, and she needs him to see if something has changed in New Orleans. When Ciprien finally returns her call, he reveals that the man is close by, suggesting that Rowan isn't in any danger. But time is running out for Ellie, and she fears what will happen to Rowan when she dies. And so, Ciprien vows to protect her. Not long after, Ellie dies with Rowan at her side.[1]

Ellie appears in Rowan's dream just outside the old Mayfair house. She calls out to Rowan, who is in disbelief. She trips and falls before jumping back to her feet and following Ellie into the house.[2]


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