Transfiguration Date Approximately 1000 BC
Maker Maharet
Species Vampire
Paramours Santino
Status Alive


Eric is a vampire made by Maharet around 1000 BC at the mortal age of twenty-nine.  His origin and past-life are unknown.  His first and only appearance is in The Queen of the Damned where he came to Maharet, Jesse and Mael with his Italian companion, Santino, who argued with Maharet via telepathy.  As they leave, Santino is furious and Eric confused because he did not understand their argument.  Being Maharet's fledgling, he couldn't read Maharet's mind.  It was also stated that there were times that he came to visit Maharet, Mael and Jesse while bringing with him films from other countries and sometimes joining the three in their singing.

He survives Akasha's worldwide slaughter due to his immortal age of three thousand years and is one of immortals who gathered at Sonoma to stand against Akasha.  Being a vampire of 3000 years of age, he is very powerful, his skin is hard and as white as marble and therefore couldn't easily burn under the sun.  He is also described as having a youthful appearance and soft brown eyes.  His brief conversations makes him out to have a deceptively fragile personality.  His cowardice in particular makes him stand out.