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Originally named Gawain, Goblin was the twin brother of Quinn Blackwood, and the son of Patsy Blackwood.

Unfortunately, during the pregnancy, Quinn drained Gawain of blood, leaving him very weak. When born, Gawain was weak and sickly, and confined to the hospital, his mother Patsy stayed by his side, choosing him over Quinn, whom she hated, blaming him for Gawain’s state.

Gawain died, and wandered around Blackwood Farm a confused and lost spirit, until he caught sight of Quinn, his double. He latched onto Quinn, staying by his side until Quinn’s adulthood.

He replicated Quinn perfectly, who at some point named him Goblin, and the other Blackwoods initially thought Goblin to be Quinn’s imaginary friend.

Goblin was afraid of being separated from Quinn, and hated when psychiatrists tried to dismiss him as nonexistent, and he was terrified when Quinn was somewhere he could not follow.

When Quinn is turned into a vampire by Petronia and Arion, Goblin drinks Quinn’s blood, wanting his share of what Quinn has.

After Goblin becomes too destructive, Quinn seeks the help of Lestat. And with the assistance of Merrick, they use a ritual to kill Goblin.