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This article is about Grace de Pointe du Lac from the AMC adaptation. You may be looking for Grace de Pointe du Lac from the novel.

Grace de Pointe du Lac is a recurring character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Interview with the Vampire. She is portrayed by Kalyne Coleman.

Grace is Louis' loving sister, whom his relationship with becomes distant after his transition.


Marrying Levi[]

Grace had breakfast with her family, during which point they discussed her upcoming marriage to Levi and how disgruntled Paul was with the union given that Levi was a Baptist whilst they were Catholic. In the passing days, Grace would have a one-on-one conversation with Louis, who Grace heard had been spending an awful lot of time with Lestat. She wished to meet him and encouraged Louis to bring him over for dinner. Then noticing Paul talking to himself on the patio, Grace suggested they send him to some medical facility in Gretna that Levi had previously mentioned to her, but Louis refused. Rather than worrying about Paul, Louis advised Grace to worry about herself, gifting her passage all over Europe for her honeymoon.


Grace comforting Louis

The day of Grace's wedding had finally arrived, and all their friends and family were in attendance. With their father having passed and unable to dance with Grace, she figured the best way to honor him was to have her brothers dance in his place, recalling how Louis and Paul used to shuffle for pennies on Sunday. However, the morning after her wedding, Paul jumped off the roof and killed himself, with their mother blaming Louis for his demise, so much so, that she wouldn't even allow Louis to walk her home after the funeral, though Grace assured him that she didn't mean the hurtful things she had been saying and that her anger was merely misplaced.[1]


Grace and Louis

Grace received an unexpected visit from Louis, who she welcomed with a strong embrace, during which point, Louis claimed that she was pregnant with twins. When Grace removed his glasses, she noticed the change in his eyes, comparing them to a church window. Looking to change the subject, he handed her a band of cash, insisting that it'll come in handy when the babies were born. Louis' next visit wouldn't be until much later, and in his absence, Grace had not only given birth to the twins, but had since given birth to a third child named Benjamin. Grace handed baby Benjamin over to Louis whilst she headed to the kitchen to fetch him some Gumbo. When she returned, she suggested he spend the night; they had a good laugh over the notion that their mother would be happy to see Louis. Grace was unfortunately forced to leave once more to check on the now crying twins, and when she returned, Louis was gone and Benjamin was crying on the floor.[2]

Kicking Louis out[]

To Grace's surprise, Louis showed up during the late hours of the night with birthday presents for the twins. However, in a fit of rage, after being denied access by Levi, Louis kicked the door down with great force, startling Grace and the twins. He attempted to apologize, but Grace exclaimed for him to get out.[3]

Burying her mother[]

Grace called Louis to inform him of their mother's death. To Grace's surprise, Louis arrived with Lestat and a young girl named Claudia, who Louis claimed he adopted off of Liberty Street, which Grace and Levi had reservations against, telling Louis not to bring them to the funeral tomorrow, not that it mattered, as Louis wouldn't be able to make it, a sentiment they'd become very familiar with. Grace and Levi actually invited Louis to talk about the house, to which Louis agreed to have papers drawn up.[4]

Burying Louis[]


Grace saying goodbye to Louis

Grace called Louis and asked him to come down to the cemetery, where she was taken aback by his youthfulness, revealing to Louis that she and Levi were headed north after the crash cleared them out. Grace was not convinced that the man that stood before her was actually her brother, who she sat across the dinner table from her whole life. She remembered how she hid her fourth grade report card because his was so bad and didn't want their parents to find out. Looking into his eyes, she decided that he couldn't be her Louis. She then placed flowers on her mother's and Louis' grave plot, which read from October 4, 1877 - October 18, 1930. She explained that this was how it had to be and that she was saying goodbye.[5]


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