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Josephine "Jojo" Mayfair is a recurring character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Mayfair Witches. She is portrayed by Jen Richards.

Jojo is Cortland's daughter.


Meeting Rowan[]

Jojo makes eye contact with Rowan as a funeral passes by.[1]

Josephine informs her father that they need to get to the funeral before Carlotta does, fearful that she will try to poison Rowan. Additionally, she remarks that whether they catch Deirdre's killer or not, he will be punished, as she's seen it happen. After the funeral, they attend the reception at the old Mayfair house, where Jojo tells Rowan about the designees, with Rowan being the 13th. The designees are the ones really in charge. 300 years of woman handing down everything to their daughters, but Rowan is doubtful she'll have a child. Nevertheless, she should speak to Josephine's dad about her inheritance.[2]

Performing the Transference[]

Rowan joins Jojo for a walkthrough of NOLA medical, where they run the Mayfair wing. She's hoping to convince Rowan to join them as the new chief of neurosurgery, but San Francisco is Rowan's home. Rowan then sees Lasher and confides in JoJo, who then has a vision and takes Rowan to the First Street House to meet with Dolly Jean, where they perform the ceremony to separate Rowan from Lasher, who then seemingly chooses Tessa as her replacement.[3]

Searching for Tessa[]

Jojo visits Alicia after having a premonition about Tessa, who is taken by witch hunters that intend to burn her alive. Before long, Cortland arrives with Alonso, a scry who they believe may be able to find Tessa's location. JoJo hopes she's wrong, but the vision was fairly clear, and she has no idea how much time they have. Fortunately, they manage to track Tessa down to Jean Lafitte. Just as they're about to leave, Jojo witnesses her father try to pressure Rowan into summoning Lasher. When she questions him about his behavior, he deflects and asks her to get him some water.[4]

JoJo informs her father that Tessa is dead, as are the witch hunters, though Rowan is missing, which frightens Cortland, leading JoJo to question her father's obsession with Rowan and what he's hiding from her, but Cortland's refuses to tell her anything. However, JoJo later learns from Ciprien that Cortland raped Deirdre so that Rowan would be born and then killed Deirdre years later so that Rowan would come into her power. With this, JoJo takes Ciprien to the First Street House, where he touches the designee doll in order to learn Lasher's plan, which is to embody Rowan's unborn child. JoJo shares this information with Dolly Jean and says that it's time someone else was in charge, given her father's betrayal of the family.[5]

Power and abilities[]

Jojo has premonitions, allowing her to see brief glimpses of the future, such as when Tessa was taken by witch-hunters.


Season 1[]


  • Jojo is not a character from the novels. She covers the role of several minor Mayfair cousins who interact with Rowan in The Witching Hour.