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This article is about Lasher from the AMC adaptation. You may be looking for Lasher, from the Lives of the Mayfair Witches novels.

Lasher is a main character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Mayfair Witches. He is portrayed by Jack Huston.

Lasher is a powerful, shape-shifting entity who has been bound to the Mayfair witches for hundreds of years.


Finding Rowan[]

Lasher convinces Deirdre to sneak out of the house like her mom would use to and attend one of her uncle Cortland's parties, where she meets a boy named Patrick and gets pregnant. Months later, after saving Deirdre from killing herself, he reveals that Deirdre's baby will save them and that the necklace she wears binds them together because of her mother, but he now gives Deirdre the opportunity to chose for herself after revealing he's a shape-shifting demon. She accepts him and makes their bond official by placing her mother'a necklace back around her neck. However, now bound to Deirdre, Lasher is helpless when Carlotta takes the baby and sends her away. It isn't until more than 20 years later that Lasher is finally freed after a doctor takes Deirdre's necklace from around her neck.[1]


Lasher in Rowan's room

Lasher assures Deirdre that change is coming now that he's found her daughter. Now, he needs Deirdre to wake up, but first, Lasher reminds Deirdre of her time in the hospital, where they treated her with electroshock. She couldn't even remember her name, but she found him using the words her mother taught her. Once Deirdre is awake, she puts her necklace around her neck, and Lasher appears to tell her that they'll leave in the morning and that Rowan is already coming to them, as he's been leading her to them. Lasher then remarks that Deirdre is more beautiful now than she's ever been, and the two of them proceed to have sex, which seemingly effects Rowan as well. The following day, Lasher and Deirdre use a spell to track Rowan down to the Pontchartrain hotel.[2]


Lasher leading Rowan

Following Deirdre's death, Lasher confronts Cortland, who reminds him of the 13th witch and how his time has come. With that in mind, Lasher lures Rowan out of Ciprien's apartment and approaches her as an older woman grieving a recent loss. After buying Rowan a drink and convincing her to join the jazz funeral, he leads her to the cemetery, where he approaches while wearing a mask and introduces himself as Adonis. At some point, Rowan begins to realize that the dead do in fact walk among them, though Lasher insists that she has no reason to be afraid. He tells Rowan that she's special and then kisses her. Now posing as Deirdre, Lasher lures Rowan to the Mayfair house, where he attempts to convince her to join him, but she pulls away.[3]


Lasher whispers in Carlotta's ear that Rowan is already his

After killing Delphine and escaping the house with the necklace, Lasher tracks down Deirdre's killer, who was a hired hitman and in the possession of the Talamasca, but that doesn't stop Lasher from killing him. Afterward, he returns to the Mayfair house, where he lures Rowan upstairs to find her mother's necklace, which she puts on, officially establishing a bond between her and Lasher. Unable to stop her in time, Carlotta feels her only option is to kill Rowan, but Ciprien intervenes and is stabbed in the process. He and Rowan attempt to leave the burning house, but Lasher locks the doors after whispering in Carlotta's ear that Rowan is already his.[4]

Trapping Rowan[]


Lasher and Rowan dancing

Lasher traps Rowan and Ciprien in a thrall; the two of them wake up in bed together every day and repeat the same routine as Ciprien slowly dies from his stab wound. However, at some point they become cognizant and try to escape, but Lasher has spelled all the exits shut. With Ciprien near death, Rowan bargains with Lasher for Ciprien's freedom, agreeing to stay willingly. After Ciprien is gone and Rowan puts on the dress Lasher has laid out for her, they dance in the living room, and he tells Rowan her heart's every desire. Lasher offers Rowan a chance to be more than just brief and beautiful. He wants her to be with him and kisses her, but he also wants Rowan to kill Carlotta, which she initially refuses to do and begins looking for another way out, but when Carlotta attempts to convince Rowan to jump off the balcony and kill herself the same as Antha, she becomes so enraged that she kills Carlotta and sends her over the rail.[5]

Lasher's connection to Rowan grows stronger now that she's taken ownership of the necklace, allowing him to visit her at Ciprien's apartment in spite of the Talamasca's protection. He tells Rowan that he's a part of her and offers to help her realize her true potential, but Ciprien takes the necklace away to the Talamasca before they can proceed. With the necklace, Ciprien seeks to learn how the connection between Lasher and the Mayfairs began, ultimately discovering that Lasher saved Suzanne Mayfair from certain death in 1681 and was bound to them ever since. Meanwhile, in present day, Lasher discovers that Rowan is attempting to separate from him through a transference spell with the designee's blessings. And so, he agrees to leave peacefully, seemingly choosing Tessa as his new mate, though he warns Rowan there are risks to what she's doing.[6]


Lasher threatens Ciprien

Ciprien is trapped in Lasher's memory, which Lasher takes advantage of. He lures Ciprien to Suzanne's cottage, where he informs him that Rowan is pregnant. Lasher accuses Ciprien of trying to control Rowan and suppress her true desire, whereas Lasher simply enacts her wishes, which just so happens to be power. Lasher is part of Rowan just as she is a part of him, and real soon, she will call on him. As he plans his exit, Lasher wonders what will happen to Ciprien when he leaves the memory. Maybe he'll die. Lasher tells Ciprien he should've stayed away, but even as a little boy, he couldn't do that. He just had to know what was happening inside the house. Lasher then disappears, leaving behind nothing but darkness and the room Ciprien stands in.[7]

Fulfilling the prophecy[]


Lasher seduces Rowan

After killing Keith at Rowan's behest, he guides her to the place of ancestral knowledge in her mind, where he teaches her how to heal, and they have sex, allowing him to enter the body of her and Ciprien's unborn child. Rowan is the doorway, and at the witching hour, he will be born, embodied as her child. With Suzanne providing assistance, Rowan gives birth to baby Lasher, who grants her great power, enough to solidify Cortland in stone and nearly strike Ciprien down with lightning.[8]

Powers and abilities[]

Lasher is an ancient spirit and the source of the Mayfair witches' power. Each generation has a favorite, powerful witch designated by the emerald key necklace that binds Lasher to said witch. The chosen witch can ritually transfer her powers to another relative if Lasher accepts. Dolly Jean explains to Rowan that Lasher's power flows through their bloodline beginning with Suzanne. As a spirit, Lasher can dematerialize and teleport, shapeshift, possess people and mentally and physically manipulate anyone he or the witch who commands him desires. Finally, Lasher has control over the elements, predominantly fire.


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