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This article is about Lasher from the series of novels. You may be looking for Lasher, from the AMC adaptation.

Lasher is a spirit tied to the Mayfair family. He is a character of the novel The Witching Hour which takes place in the series Lives of the Mayfair Witches.



He is said to have a “waxen face, brown eyes”, and wear “nondescript clothes of that unusual texture, so smooth they shone faintly”. Dr. Petrie thought he looked like a "waxen dummy infused with life" and wrote of Lasher:

The man's brown hair had been slightly wavy. Eyes large. Fair skin like the poor sick woman. The man had been without discernible expression. The doctor could even remember the man's hands. Nothing special about them, just nice hands. It struck him that the man, though thin, had been well proportioned. Only the clothes seemed unusual, and not the style of them, which was ordinary enough. It was the texture of the clothing. Unaccountably smooth, like the face of the man. As if the whole figure--clothes, flesh, face--were made from the same thing.[1]

When Michael remembers his childhood sightings of Lasher, he describes Lasher as curious and solitary. " "His hands were clasped. He wore a suit. His face looked very calm."[2] [1]



  • "brown-eyed man"[1]
  • "Man with the brown eyes"
  • "The man"
  • "That figure"
  • "Mysterious man"
  • "that creature"[1]
  • "that vision"[1]


Michael Curry sees Lasher around New Orleans throughout his childhood. Specifically, he would see Lasher in the far back of the overgrown garden at the First Street House when he took his walks with his mother. One time in the late 1940s, he saw Lasher in the shadows of St. Alphonsus Church. Every time, Lasher gave a small smile to Michael. The only time his mother ever acknowledged seeing Lasher was the time at St. Alphonsus. She looked and acted fearful at seeing him.

His name is carved on a giant crepe myrtle tree at the First Street House. In 1983, Dr. Larry Petrie sees his name written in dust on the dining room table at the First Street House. The next day, the table is clean. In early September of that year, he begins to see Lasher at Deirdre's side and has hazy, strange encounters with the spirit that gives him the sense that Lasher wants the doctor to stop Deirdre's Thorazine injections.

In the early spring of 1984, the doctor sees Lasher in a neighborhood bar near the First Street house. The next night he thinks he sees him "under a street lamp by the cemeteries on Canal Boulevard". The Friday after that, he sees him in Jackson Square. Years later he shares his story with Aaron Lightner. Lightner tells him he "recorded other stories of people who have seen the man you described". He also tells the doctor that he has seen Lasher himself and describes the experience as frightening.[1]

Powers & Abilities[]

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