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Levi Frenier is a recurring character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Interview with the Vampire. He is portrayed by Christian Robinson.

Levi is an upstanding Baptist from the Louisiana country who has won Grace's heart.


Marrying Grace[]

Levi attended family dinner with Grace and her mother and brothers, though Paul wasn't as welcoming as the rest of her family, given that Levi was a Baptist. Nonetheless, this did not stop the two from getting married in the following weeks. However, the morning after their wedding, Paul killed himself by jumping off the roof.[1]

Kicking Louis out[]

Levi exited the house to find Mama du Lac arguing with Louis, who showed up during the late hours of the night with birthday presents for the twins. Levi joined Florence in her protest and blocked Louis' path inside. In a fit of rage, Louis kicked the door down with great force, startling Grace and the twins. He attempted to apologize, but Grace exclaimed for him to leave.[2]

Florence's wake[]

Levi attended Florence's wake, alongside Grace, who called Louis to inform him of their mother's passing. To Grace's surprise, Louis arrived with Lestat and a young girl named Claudia, who he adopted off of Liberty Street, which both Levi and Grace had reservations against. Grace instructed Louis not to bring them to the funeral tomorrow, but he wouldn't be able to make it either, a sentiment they'd become very familiar with. Grace and Levi actually invited Louis to talk about the house, to which Louis agreed to have papers drawn up.[3]

Levi joined Grace at the cemetery, where she said goodbye to Louis, as they were leaving town. She refused to believe that the man who stood before her was her brother, so she was buried him, or at least the memory of her Louis, before leaving with Levi.[4]


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