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This article is about Madeleine from the novel or film. You may be looking for Madeleine from the AMC adaptation.

Madeleine is the adoptive mother of Claudia. She is transformed by Louis to appease Claudia. While she was human, she was a dollmaker.

Physical Appearance:[]

‘Her dark-red hair was parted in the middle and drawn back to her ears, though a dozen little ringlets escaped to make a frame for her pale face. And she was looking at me with two calm, violet eyes and a child’s mouth that seemed almost abdurately soft, obdurately the cupid’s bow unsullied by paint or personality;’ -Louis from Interview with the Vampire


Madeleine and Claudia were dozing off until Claudia realizes that the sun was coming up. They both died in the sunlight. Louis finds that Madeleine and Claudia were dead.