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Memnoch the Devil
Family Angels (Siblings)
God (Creator)
Occupation Lord of Death
Lord of the Underworld

Species Demon
Status Immortal

Memnoch is the Lord of Death and the Underworld. Contrary to popular belief, Memnoch is not an entirely malevolent demon, but rather a misunderstood spirit whose actions, no matter how radical, are all for the benefit of humankind. He claims that his seduction of Eve in the Garden of Eden was not to harm the human race, but to help them. Memnoch explained that after Elohim commanded the angels to never again interfere with his Creations, he became impatient with God to conciliate the ever-growing wars, violence and oppression in the world. Thus, Memnoch planned to copulate with Eve, which would have resulted in the birth of a divine child who would usher in a new era of peace and prosperity and would be worshipped as a living god. And since the child would be half human, Elohim would have no command over him, due to his vow never to meddle with their freewill. However, before Memnoch could proceed with his plan, Elohim sent the archangel, Michael, to stop him. Soon after this, Memnoch and all of the other angels who supported his ideologies were exiled from Heaven and relocated to an inferior plane of existence, more popularly known as Hell. Memnoch claims that Elohim appropriated his idea to deliver a divine child in his attempts to create his own religion and to further pamper his ego by being worshipped and idolized as a benevolent God. However, Memnoch also acknowledges that while the divine child that was born of Elohim did in fact usher in a new era peace, much like his ne're-do-well father, the child eventually became bored of the mortal world and abandoned his mission before it was finished. Memnoch claims that the child never brought peace to the world as he was meant to, but only a few villages and kingdoms in the Middle East. Moreover, Memnoch also acknowledges that because the child died before his life's purpose was complete, not only did war, violence and oppression continue in the world, but because of the fact that the three religions that were created around his existence (i.e. Christianity, Islam and Judaism) were riddled with contradicting stories, false testimonies and vagueness, it was easy for many of the Scriptures to be misinterpreted, and in many ways only seemed to justify the barbaric things that were happening in the world. Because of this, these religions only poisoned the world with even more slavery, rape and murder. Memnoch believes that had he succeeded with his plan, the world would be a much happier and healthier place, as he believes that the child he would have bore with Eve would have shared his vigor for world peace and would never have abandoned the Earth until ever corner of it was free of their pain and suffering.


Unlike the Biblical depiction of the Devil, Memnoch is not necessarily malevolent. Rather, he is depicted as caring, passionate, wise, and concerned for the salvation of all humanity, in stark contrast to the familiar depictions of the Devil humans have been accustomed to.

Powers and abilities

  • Dominion of Sheol - Memnoch possesses the powers of a high-ranking angel. As the ruler of Sheol he holds absolute authority over the souls imprisoned there and may travel from Earth to Sheol easily. He may also draw recently departed human souls from Earth to Sheol.
  • Time Travel - With Lestat, he travels through time and space on Earth and from Heaven to Hell, taking various forms, depending where the location deems appropriate.
  • Human/Reliquary Visage - On Earth, Memnoch takes the form of the Ordinary Man, having no discernible traits as to not draw attention to himself. The other form he takes on Earth and in Hell is as a monstrous angelic being, made of black granite with black feathered wings and with the legs and hoofs of a goat, for God forbade Memnoch to take on his beautiful, true angelic form outside of Heaven after his insurrection.


  • Throughout history, Memnoch has been known by many names: Lucifer, Satan, Devil, Prince of Darkness, Lord of Flies, Prince of Lies, and Beelzebub.
  • Memnoch's literary name, Lucifer, is Latin for "Light Bringer" or "Morning Star", the latter of which is associated with the planet Venus.
  • Memnoch is identified as "Lord of Flies" or "God of Flies" due to flies being considered the lowest form of life, and Memnoch (along with those affiliated with him and those believed to be bound for Hell after death) being considered by many Christians to be the lowest kind of being.

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