Merrick Mayfair
Family Mayfair family
Julien Mayfair (Ancestor)
Great Nannane (godmother)
Cold Sandra (mother)
Honey in the Sunshine (sister)
Occupation Paranormal researcher, member of the Talamasca, Voodoo priestess.

Maker Louis de Pointe du Lac
Species Human (Witch)
Paramours Louis de Pointe du Lac
Status Deceased

Merrick Mayfair was originally a witch taken in by the Talamasca, where she later became a member. Making contact with her old mentor David Talbot, Merrick is introduced to the Vampire Louis and falls in love instantly and is later turned into a vampire by Louis de Pointe du Lac.


She was tall, and had kept her dark-brown hair loose and long all her life, save for a leather barrette such as she wore now, which held only her forelocks behind her head to flow down her back. She wore gold hoops dangling from her small earlobes, and her soft white summer clothes had a gypsy flare to them, perhaps because of the red scarf tied around the waist of her full cotton skirt. Merrick is a biracial woman with light brown skin, she has brown hair with wavy curls. Merrick is known for her vibrant green eyes and her love for going on drinking binges. Merrick, is a humorous individual that can become depressed when she doesn't find what she is looking for. She is comfortable with spirits, and loves David Talbot. Later she makes contact with the Vampire Louis and they fall in love almost at first sight. She later becomes a vampire, and becomes a more calm character staying to herself about her emotions regularly.

Life as a Vampire and DemiseEdit

Merrick becomes a vampire loyal to her maker Louis, and the coven they form with David Talbot and Lestat. Merrick informs Lestat of the conflict that has been created between them and the Talamasca. At the request of Lestat, Merrick assists Quinn Blackwood in the hopes of destroying or removing the Ghost Goblin. Merrick not only makes contact with the spirit but later uncovers the spirit as the Ghost of Quinn's deceased twin brother. Merrick later uncovers Goblin's remains, and jumps into the fire ultimately destroying Goblin and herself.