Michael Curry

Species Human
Paramours Rowan Mayfair

Michael Curry is a major character in Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy.

Biography Edit

Born and raised in the Irish District of New Orleans, Micheal also saw Lasher as a child and never forgot his face. He moved to California and furthered his education. After the death of his mother his life seemed empty. While at ocean Beach he swept off the rocks by a wave and drowns. Dying for an hour he is rescued and brought back to life by Rowan. He awakens with a sense of having had a vision through which he has gained a purpose, but cannot recall the details, only that he must return to New Orleans to accomplish some vague mission. He leaves for New Orlean despite the fact he has fallen in love with Rowan, where she too eventually turns up for the reading of her Mother Deirdre's will. They marry and renovate the First Street House.