In honor of and in loving memory of Michele "Mouse" Rice, daughter of Stan and Anne Rice. Who was born on September 21, 1966. She passed away August 5, 1972 due to leukemia.

Michele resembled her mother and inherited Anne's dark eyes, but had her father's light hair. Christopher looks almost exactly like his father, author, Stan Rice. The two siblings would never know one another since Michele died years before Christopher was born.

"Bring her a glass of milk" Edit

(Some Lamb 1975)

Because she calls I go into the darkened kitchen - and pour her a glass of milk. The earth has stopped turning.

A silver light comes through - the leaves of the apple tree. The apples are deathly green. I hold the glass up to the window - to tell how full it is. White the milk is, white in the darkness.

I open her door. She is sitting up. Her eyes cannot believe - I have come. The white sheets around her - make her the calyx of a flower. I hand her the milk. She drinks.

I go back to my bed - and lie down and watch - the red lights on the radio tower - pulsing, pulsing.

-Stan Rice