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Mona Mayfair is a character in The Witching Hour, Lasher, Taltos, Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle. She is the fourteenth witch of the Mayfair clan and also the Designee of the Mayfair Legacy.

Appearance & Description

She is described as very beautiful, with flowing red hair, green eyes and fair skin. She had a sixth finger when she was born but it was removed. A sixth finger is considered a mark of a witch. Like Rowan, she has specifically double the number of chromosomes (92).


Mona Mayfair is a sexually adventurous witch, more powerful than Rowan. She loves computers and her goal was to sleep with every male member of the Mayfair family, starting when she was 12.


Mona was born in 1983. She was born to 13 year old, Alicia Mayfair and Patrick. who are both alcoholics. She has an obsession with the Shakespearean character, Ophelia. In the last novel, Blood Canticle, Lestat makes her into a vampire in 2003, so she can live with her true love, Tarquin Blackwood, forever. Mona was about twenty years old when she was made a vampire. What makes Mona interesting is that she gave birth to a Taltos child with Michael, Rowan's husband. She calls her Morrigan. Mona was the product of careful inbreeding schemed by Uncle Julien, the only male "witch" of the Mayfair clan.

Mona has been reported to have died in the second "great burning" done at the behest of Amel