Birthdate around 1AD

Place of birth Rome, Italy
Transfiguration Date around the birth of Christ
Maker Arion
Fledglings Manfred Blackwood
Tarquin Blackwood
Species Vampire
Paramours Arion
Manfred Blackwood
Status Alive

A roughly two thousand year old vampire created by the ancient vampire Arion. Petronia is intersex having both male and female genitalia. Petronia was a powerful gladiator in Rome before becoming a vampire. Petronia lives in the swamp next to Blackwood Farm, because the island there was given to her by Manfred Blackwood, one of Quinn's ancestors, and also one of Petronia's fledglings. Petronia kidnaps Quinn, and after beating him half to death makes him a vampire. Quinn decides to leave Petronia and return to his life as though nothing happened.