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Transfiguration Date ca 3000 BC
Maker Akasha
Fledglings Allesandra, Benedict, Eleni de Landen, Eugénie de Landen, Everard de Landen
Species Vampire
Status Dead
Cause of Death Dismemberment, Burned
Killed By Lestat

Rhoshamandes is a ancient vampire in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. He was made by Akasha herself to serve in the Queens Blood, one of two warring vampire factions. Yet Rhoshamandes felt no allegiance for Akasha, seeing her only as a raving tyrant, and eventually escaped from the Queens Blood.


A peace-loving vampire, part of the Queen's Blood contingent of vampires. Made directly by Akasha. 1,000 years after the Blood Genesis or 1,000 after Akasha herself was made. To be more precise, 3,000 B.C. His fledglings include Alessandra - the old vampire that Lestat has met during his descent to the catacombs beneath Les Innocents cemetery in Paris, Benedict - a monk turned vampire from whom Magnus stole the Dark Gift, Eleni and Eugénie de Landen - made in the early Middle Ages, as well as Everard de Landen, also made in the Middle Ages. Eleni is the female fledgling who informed Lestat of their progress in the new Theatre Coven led by Armand in The Queen of the Damned. She was presumed dead due to Armand trying to extinguish the coven, as he was the leader.

In Prince Lestat Amel convinces Rhoshamandes that he should be the new host of the Sacred Core and to this end Rhoshamandes, alongside his fledgling Benedict, kidnap Mekare after murdering Maharet and Khayman. Upon these events Rosh confronts the newly established Vampire government and their Prince Lestat. After getting his arm cut off by Lestat, Rosh submits, and then is allowed to leave in disgrace after surrendering his knowledge of the whereabouts of Lestat's mortal son Viktor.

In Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, Rhoshamondes is shown to be ridiculed and insulted regularly by other vampires. He visits his friend Roland, a 3000 year old vampire and one who has had a captive Replimoid named Derek in his dungeon for 10 years. Later it is revealed that Derek can be drained of blood and not die. Rhoshamandes later tortures Derek for information and cuts off his arm. After Derek escapes with the assistance of his son Dertwo, Rosh wanders the world destroying the known locations of Replimoid homes. Later Rosh is held down by Gregory, Seth and other Ancient ones and forced to witness the destruction of Roland. With this, he is required to submit with the understanding that he will never assault any vampire or Replimoid again, or face utter destruction if the pact is broken. Benedict agrees for his maker and the two go to Rhoshamandes' castle to live. Much later it is Rhoshamandes that forces Lestat to have the procedure to remove Amel, which Lestat visits him after and forgives him for as they agree to eternal peace.