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This article is about Rowan Mayfair from the AMC adaptation. You may be looking for Rowan Mayfair from the series of novels.

Rowan Mayfair is a main character on the AMC gothic horror drama, Mayfair Witches. She is portrayed by Alexandra Daddario.

Rowan is an intuitive young neurosurgeon who discovers that she is the unlikely heir to a family of witches.


Discovering her powers[]

After discovering that her adoptive mother's cancer has returned, Rowan pleads with Dr. Keck to put in a good word for her with Daniel Lemle, whose company has been making progress with stem cell research. However, when he refuses and accuses Rowan of being too arrogant, she accidentally uses her latent powers to rupture an artery. The following day, she displays this ability again, but this time one Daniel Lemle after expresses less than desirable qualities in a boss. Unable to save her mother, all Rowan can do is comfort her in her final moments. And later that night, whilst sleeping at home, she receives an unexpected visit from Lasher.[1]


Rowan accidentally kills crows

After learning that she was not adopted from the South Bay Adoption Agency as her mother had claimed, Rowan meets with a psychiatrist, who she nearly kills before fleeing the hospital into the parking, where she unintentionally kills several crows. Rowan buries the aforementioned crows at the beach, where she has a dream about her mother before discovering that she's being followed. Ciprien introduces himself and tries to convince Rowan to come with him, but when she refuses and he grabs her hand, she sends him into some kind of unresponsive state. With Ciprien unconscious, she takes his phone and discovers that he's been watching her. Also in his phone is a photo of her mother, leading Rowan to New Orleans, where she comes face to face with Deirdre, who is killed before she can ever step off the elevator.[2]


Rowan and Lasher, who is posing as Deirdre

After being questioned by the police following her mother's death, Rowan briefly meets her great aunt Carlotta before convening with Ciprien, who takes her to his safe house, where he explains why he's been following her and that a being named Lasher is attached to her family. After a brief exchange with Ciprien's pregnant sister Odette and being evacuated from the apartment, Rowan goes searching for the Mayfair house, during which point, she is approached by Lasher, who appears to her as various people. Once she realizes that Lasher is simply posing as her mother in an attempt to convince her to join him, Rowan returns to the apartment, where Ciprien reveals that he saw Rowan's birth by touching Deirdre's body and that she loved Rowan. With Lasher on the loose, the only way for Rowan to protect herself is by learning about her abilities, which Ciprien offers to help her with.[3]

Disowning Lasher's[]


Rowan at the funeral

Rowan awakens from a sex dream involving Ciprien and Lasher before attending her mother's funeral, where she is invited back to the old Mayfair house for the reception. There, she learns more about her mother from Carlotta before meeting Jojo, who explains that Rowan is the 13th witch and designee. After a brief exchange with Cortland, who claims that Lasher is a gift to Rowan, she finds her mother's necklace, putting it on and unknowingly establishing a connection between her and Lasher, forcing Carlotta to try and kill Rowan in a fire, but Ciprien comes to her rescue and is stabbed in the process. To make matters worse, Lasher has locked them in the house.[4]


Rowan and Lasher dancing

Rowan and Ciprien are placed in a thrall by Lasher, trapping them in an infinite loop together whilst Ciprien slowly dies from his stab wound. However, after becoming cognizant, she attempts to escape the house, but when that fails, and she discovers that Lasher has amplified Ciprien's wound with a supernatural affliction, she makes a deal with him to willingly stay so long as Ciprien is released. After coming to an agreement, Lasher tells Rowan her heart's every desire and claims that everything that has happened is because she wanted it to. But when he attempts to convince her to kill Carlotta, Rowan refuses, though she ultimately ends up doing just that after Carlotta attempts to encourage Rowan into jumping off the balcony and killing herself, the same as her grandmother Antha.[5]


Rowan asks Cortland for help

Having taken ownership of the necklace, Rowan and Lasher's connection has grown stronger, so much so that he is able to reach her in Ciprien's apartment despite the protections placed by the Talamasca. Lasher claims that he's a part of her, and so when Ciprien suggests taking the necklace to the Talamasca, Rowan freaks out and tells Ciprien to stay away from her. It's only after regaining her composure that she gives the necklace to Ciprien and confess that Lasher is in her head. Looking to part ways with him, Rowan goes searching for answerers from Cortland, who informs her of a transference spell. With the help of the other Mayfair witches, they perform the spell, calling on the designees of the past for their blessing to bind Lasher to another witch. With their blessing, Lasher departs from Rowan and seemingly chooses Tessa.[6]

Avenging Tessa[]


Rowan calls on Lasher

After discovering that she's pregnant, Rowan goes searching for Tessa in hopes that Lasher may be able to provide answers. However, she learns that Tessa has been taken by witch hunters and that Lasher is M.I.A. Hoping to find her, Rowan offers up her blood to Alonso, who uses it to track Deirdre's heart to the very same hunters that took Tessa. Upon arriving at the warehouse in Jean Lafitte, Rowan subdues the witch hunters before rescuing Tessa from the fire. However, Keith returns and shoots Tessa, who with her final breath, urges Rowan to avenge her. Doing just that, Rowan puts the necklace back on and summons Lasher.[7]

Fulfilling the prophecy[]


Rowan and her child who is embodied by Lasher

Wounded and infuriated, Rowan chases Keith through the woods, but struggles to keep up due to blood loss and sends Lasher after him instead, at which point, Lasher burns Keith alive. As she lies on the ground, too weak to even crawl back to the warehouse, Lasher instructs Rowan to use her ability and look deep into her wound, granting her access to a place of ancestral knowledge in her own psychological, where Lasher shows her how to heal herself, and they have sex, allowing Lasher to embody her child. When the witching hour finally approaches, Rowan awakens in the mausoleum, where Suzanne helps her deliver the baby, which in turns grants Rowan great power and knowledge, which she uses to case Cortland in stone after learning that he raped her mother and had her killed. Having accepted baby Lasher as her own, Rowan exits the mausoleum, where Ciprien awaits, but like Cortland, he too seeks to take the child away from Rowan, and so she warns Ciprien to stay away from him.[8]

Powers and abilities[]

Rowan has biology-based powers, allowing her to manipulate the inner-workings of the human body, displayed when she ruptured Dr. Keck and Daniel Lemle's arteries. She was also able to discover that Cortland was suffering from ALS, heal her shoulder when she got shot, and she was also able to sense she was pregnant once the egg dropped. Lastly she used her abilities to kill the people who captured Tessa.


Season 1[]