The Sacred Core is the term used to refer to the brain where the spirit Amel resides, being the source of The Dark Gift itself. Every vampire is linked to the Sacred Core through a network of invisible tentacles of Amel's outreaching spirit. Whoever holds the Sacred Core becomes the vampire leader of the world, the strongest in the Blood and the most Gifted. Only the combined strengths of the oldest of vampires, the Children of the Millennia, may stand a chance against the holder of the Sacred Core. Supposedly, only an older vampire of at least one thousand years in the Blood may have the strength to host the Sacred Core, although the first host was made an immortal shortly after being a mortal, suggesting that any immortal may serve as the host and the mortal would be made a vampire at the moment of union. If the host of the Sacred Core were destroyed, all vampires in the world would follow it in death.

Hosts of The Sacred Core Edit

Akasha Edit

The tyrannical Queen of Egypt, Akasha became the first to host the Sacred Core, making her the first vampire in existence. The spirit Amel manifested itself to her and infused into her body when she was on the brink of death from a fatal stabbing. As Amel entered Akasha, her body engulfed his spirit, allowing Akasha to heal from her wounds and possess the Dark Gifts originating from Amel. Her first fledgling was her husband King Enkil.

Mekare Edit

When Akasha's head was severed by a large pane of falling glass, Mekare and her twin sister Maharet acted quickly by extracting Akasha's brain and heart, then consumed by Mekare, which destroyed the body of Akasha. Mekare became infused with the spirit of Amel and became the Host of the Sacred Core, becoming the new "The Queen Of The Damned".

Lestat de Lioncourt Edit

Lestat becomes the Host of the Sacred Core in 2013, making him the "Dark Prince".