Santiago (1)
Birthdate unknown
Family Unknown
Place of birth Unknown
Transfiguration Date Unknown
Maker unknown
Fledglings unknown
Species Vampire
Paramours Unknown
Status Deceased

Very little is known about Santiago. Louis encounters Santiago when walking through the city one night. Santiago suddenly appears, showcasing his mimicking abilities and a mocking, playful attitude. He is also one of the vampires who was housed and performed at the Théâtre des Vampires. Santiago is shown to have the gift of telepathy and was able to glimpse a stray thought from Louis regarding Lestat and his presumed death at his hands, he then warned Louis that they punish vampires who kill one another with death. Santiago and a few other vampire capture Louis, Claudia and the recently turned Madelaine. The latter two are killed while Louis is rescued by Armand. Santiago was later killed by Louis de Pointe du Lac when taking out his revenge for Claudia's death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Mind gift: Santiago at least had the telepathic part of this gift.
  • Cloud Gift: Santiago was somehow able to defy gravity and walk on the wall and ceiling of a tunnel, and later levitated after being grabbed by Louis. While this could be the Flight gift, only the most powerful and ancient vampires possess the ability to fly.


  • In "Interview with the vampire" Santiago is played by Stephen Rea.
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