Santino is an Italian vampire made in the 14th century.  He came to lead a Roman coven called the Children of Satan and in 1498, led an attack on Marius de Romanus's residence, kidnapping Amadeo (who shortly before was made into a vampire by Marius) and the rest of Marius's young pupils.  Santino renames Amadeo to Armand, finding the name Amadeo meaning "God's love" to be against his coven's beliefs.  His coven burns alive Marius's pupils and converted the tramautized Armand to follow the ways of the Children of Satan, eventually sending him away to lead his own coven in Paris.

In 2000, Santino was killed by the vampire Thorne, using the Fire Gift as revenge on behalf of Marius.  Though he greatly desired revenge on Santino, Marius wouldn't do so himself because of Maharet's orders that vampires were not to kill other vampires after the world's vampire population was greatly reduced after Akasha destroyed many of them in the 1980s.  Because Thorne disobeyed Maharet's orders, he was imprisoned, bound by chains made by Maharet's hair, and willingly gave his ageless vampire eyes to Maharet who regularly had to replace her deteriorating eyes with human ones since she was missing her eyes when she was made into a vampire.