Spirits are disembodied beings who exist in an otherworldly plane of existence known as Sheol or some other dimension. Some spirits, specifically those who have learned to appreciate their lives and forgive God for His indifference, ascend from Sheol into Heaven. The original spirits were the newly developed souls of humans who passed into Sheol upon their deaths. They remained in Sheol where they could still feel the presence of their living counterparts on Earth. Amel was among the original generation of spirits. All humans and vampires who die descend into Sheol and become spirits.

Not all spirits were human or inhabit Sheol. Angels, celestial spirits of God, live in Heaven with God, the only exception being Memnoch, who lives in Sheol to tend its spirits. According to Memnoch, angels who take on human flesh become mortal and, when they die, become trapped in Sheol like all the other spirits.

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