Transfiguration Date 1997
Maker Marius de Romanus
Species Vampire
Status Alive

Sybelle is a twenty-five year old American who is a talented classical pianist.  She and her friend Benji find Armand after he is badly burned from exposing himself to the sun after he attempts suicide after seeing Veronica's Veil when Lestat returns from his journey in Memnoch the Devil.  They help Armand recover by bringing him evil-doers to feed from.

Sybelle is held captive in her luxurious home by her abusive older brother who regularly beats her after they are orphaned when their parents are killed in a car accident.  It is her brother who kidnapped Benji to be her companion to keep her stable while she financially supports them with her concert performances. 

When the abuse culminates to Sybelle's brother about to kill her, Armand, who by then is much recovered, kills him, thus freeing Sybelle and Benji from further fear for their lives.

Armand returns to Lestat to see he has awakened from his prolonged inanimate slumber.  Meanwhile, Marius, who Armand entrusted to watch Sybelle and Benji whom he has grown to love, has brought them into the Blood, much to their delight, but to the great anger of Armand.

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