The Vampire Chronicles Wiki

The name’s Teatime and I’m an admin here at The Vampire Chronicles Wiki. Feel free to come to me with questions about editing or anything else regarding the wiki.


I initially came into contact with The Vampire Chronicles as a young teen. At the time I was fascinated with vampires and the series had me hooked immediately. Even if I eventually moved on to other interest it always held a fond spot in my heart.

I had not thought of the series for several years when, by chance, I heard that there had been a new book released in 2014. I rushed to acquire a copy of Prince Lestat and upon finishing it I ventured to this wiki, intending to refresh my memory on the series as a whole.

I found the wiki mostly abandoned, without any active admins and only one or two editors who seemed to swing by every now and then. Spurred by my rekindled interest in the series I acquired admin rights to the wiki and set about working on things.

Other Wikis

You can also find me on the Dishonored Wiki.


Sadly I am only one individual with limited time and energy but these are some of the things that need to be done around here.

  • Update all relevant articles in light of Prince Lestat.
  • Add missing character pages.
  • Add a page for the musical.
  • Create a manual of style.
  • Create community guidelines.
  • Add more content to any stub articles.
  • Attract new editors.