The Vampire Chronicles Wiki

Are there currently any active editors on this wiki?

I've been looking around and there is a lot of work to do here, organizational and otherwise, but I'm not comfortable starting any sort of major overhaul without consulting established editors. I'm just not certain there are any from looking at the recent wiki activity, hence why I'm asking.

From what I can tell there is also only one administrator here, and they were last active in 2008. For this reason I think it is also necessary to file an adoption request for this wiki. I hope to hear from other editors on this matter so that we can co-operate on instating new admins but if there are no replies to this within a week I will go through with the adoption request on my own.

Future Plans

Some of the organizational things I hope to look into regarding existing articles on this wiki are:

  • Check that categories are being used in a consistent manner (there are currently a lot of uncategorized pages and possibly some duplicate categories)
  •  Add links where it is proper and fix or remove broken links.
  • Merge duplicate pages.
  • Investigate the images used in articles (I've seen several cases of unsourced fan art, which is concerning to say the least)

Apart from purely organizational stuff there is of course also the matter of new articles. However, before embarking on any major undertaking in that area I would hope that a manual of style could be established for this wiki, to ensure that all articles follow a consistent standard, but that is hopefully a matter to be discussed with fellow editors.