Assume that when an editor makes an edit, it was to help the wiki, not to damage it.

The reason for this policy is because all editors are equal, and you must not assume that new editors are vandals, or that you know better than them. Most people do not read the rules when they start editing a wiki (and be honest, you probably didn't either). Consequently, they may not understand how the wiki operates at first.

For example, if a user empties a page, you should assume it was an accident or test rather than a deliberate act of vandalism. Correct the edit, ask the user to be more careful next time, and even point them in the direction of the relevant policy page so that they may learn not to make the same mistake again, but do not tell off or shout at the user.

  • If a user removes content from a page, assume it is an accident or test.
  • If a user breaks a page layout or complex template, assume it was an accident.
  • If a user adds incorrect information, assume that they believe it is correct. Either discuss it on the talk page to figure out what the content should say, or remove it and leave them a message explaining why you have done so.
  • If a user adds a small or useless piece of content, do not instantly delete it.
  • If a user makes a number of spelling/grammar errors, assume it is an accident and correct the content.

If you are sure that a user made a non-constructive or incorrect edit, then feel free to correct it. If there is a disagreement, you should use talk pages to explain yourself and give others opportunity to do the same. You must work together with the rest of the community to come to a consensus on the correct content for this wiki. This can avoid problems and prevent arguments from escalating.

Remember to be patient with newcomers. They may not know how to edit a wiki or what is supposed to be added as content.

What Is Not Good Faith

Actions inconsistent with good faith include deliberate vandalism and lying. If you have spotted obvious vandalism by any user, then you know it was not good faith and you can remove the offensive content without prior discussion.

Vandalism should be reported immediately to an Administrator, who can take steps to prevent it from happening again. Administrators should remember that all editors are equal, and try to help the user understand why they shouldn't vandalise.