The Vampire Chronicles blogs (also known as community blogging) are articles written by one person that can be commented on and organized into a listing like a typical blog.

Why Create Blogs?

Blogs are different to typical articles in that they are not intended to be a collaboratively written pieces of content, but instead a single user's composition. They are a means for users to express their own personal views and opinions, and can contain content that would otherwise not be appropriate for an article, such as personal reviews or theories (although any content must still abide by behavior policy, and must be relevant to the Template:Franchises franchises). Blogs are also the only place on The Vampire Chronicles where users are allowed to share works of fan fiction, although as that is not the primary focus of this wiki there are likely better places to share such material online.

The primary purpose of blogs on this wiki is to create more of a community feel on the wiki, and to give users more outlets for their endless creativity. Users can comment on blog posts, making them great for starting discussions or asking others for their own thoughts on a particular subject.

Some examples of why a user would create a blog instead of a traditional wikia article include:

  • Fan fiction and original work
  • Op-eds and personal opinions
  • Articles that pose questions and solicit responses
  • Reviews, suggestions or recommendations

Edit Rights

Editing another user's blog is forbidden. A blog post can only be edited by the original author. The only exception to this is if an Administrator needs to remove any content that violate's Vampire Chronicles' behavior policy.