Your user page or profile is your own personal space on The Vampire Chronicles wiki and is yours to do with as you wish. As such, Vampire Chronicles' usual Page and File policies do not apply. You can talk about yourself, discuss the Template:Franchises franchises, upload pictures, explain your participation in the wiki, share your own creations and otherwise modify, decorate or fill the space however you desire.

Please note that while there are no rules dictating what users should put on their page, any content must still abide by Vampire Chronicles' behavior policy. Any offensive, pornographic, racist, bigoted or otherwise inappropriate content will be removed without warning and may be punished with a block.

Do Not Edit Another User's User Page

Generally speaking, you should never edit another user's user page, and doing so will result in a warning being issued. If you see something you think is wrong with another user's page, inform them of it on their talk page, but remember that their page is theirs to do with as they wish. If you see any inappropriate content on a user's page, inform an Administrator and they will deal with the situation.

The only exception where users are free to edit another's user page is when awarding barnstars. These should be placed at the bottom of a user's page under the heading "Earned Barnstars". For more information see the barnstars page.

Note that Administrators can and will remove any offensive content from a user page without warning. Administrators are also permitted to edit other user's pages to update or fix templates or other technical aspects of the wiki, so long as this does not adversely alter the page's content.

Warning Tags

Administrators may place warning tags onto a user's page as an official and public warning for continued bad behavior that violates Vampire Chronicles policy (e.g. disruption or personal attacks etc.). Generally speaking, an unofficial warning should always be given first (on the user's talk page) before a tag is issued.